City not serving public interest |

City not serving public interest

Dear Editor:It looks like the public servants of the upper valley have another chance to demonstrate whether they have the slightest interest in serving the public.The City Council failed pathetically when they refused to take a stand on the style of law enforcement to be implemented in Aspen. The people of the valley have made their feelings on the subject clear by the type of sheriff’s department they’ve voted for consistently over the years. The city police have made it equally clear that they would like to take a very different approach. The City Council, rather than take a hard look at the two totally different philosophies and deciding which was the better fit for Aspen, declared it a nonissue and did what they do best … nothing.In the Blue Vic situation, the public was pretty much unanimous in its condemnation of the project. To my knowledge, no one who spoke out on the subject spoke in favor of it. Yet, three out of five council members sided with the developer, and the project goes forward. I guess the lesson to be learned here is that it’s in the public interest for a developer to get richer. No one can imagine who else could possibly benefit from that project.Now we have this rich guy who wants to build some gauche swimming pool over Hallam Lake so he can have “pool parties.” This thing is apparently in violation of existing codes, and certainly counter to the philosophy and aesthetic of preserving a bit of wilderness in the middle of town. Something the community as a whole enjoys. Judging by the way he’s fighting for it, Mr. Lewis must believe that money actually can buy happiness. With this attitude in mind, I’d like to suggest that Mr. Lewis do what dissatisfied consumers have always done. Do your shopping elsewhere. It seems a grotesque contradiction that someone would want to do this to a community that he is supposed to be a pillar of.Well, there’s no accounting for assholes, but if this City Council and this P&Z won’t stick up for the people of Aspen, then maybe the people of Aspen should look into getting a P&Z and a City Council that will.Michael CleverlyWoody Creek

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