City may get tough on Marolt parking |

City may get tough on Marolt parking

Aspen Times Staff Report

Aspen may get tough on Marolt residents who park outside of the housing complex parking lot.

A resident of the affordable housing complex complained to the City Council Monday about the $75 per month Marolt residents are charged to park in the lot. She was also upset about how many of her neighbors escape the fee by parking illegally on the road leading into the seasonal housing development.

“These cars are there . if you want us to tow them every day, we can do that,” City Manager Steve Barwick told the council.

Mayor Rachel Richards suggested it’s time the city get tough on enforcement.

According to Jason Farrar, property manager at Marolt, there are 48 spots in the parking lot and 100 units in the complex. Eventually, people parking on the road will get ticketed, he added.

“They’re not allowed to [park there], but it is something that is happening,” he said.

According to Marolt resident Sherry Weatherford, the parking lot isn’t even half full because so many residents are escaping the fee by parking on the road. Others seek out other free options, like parking at the nearby Health and Human Services Building or even Aspen Valley Hospital. She confessed to past use of those alternatives herself.

“Let’s just utilize the lot. It’s paved. It’s sitting there empty,” she said.

But Weatherford questioned the fairness of charging a parking fee at Marolt when residents at employee complexes like Truscott Place face no parking fee. And the fee at the new Burlingame seasonal housing complex is $50 per month. The cheaper rate at Burlingame isn’t fair either, she argued.

The fees are built into the budgeted revenue individual housing projects are expected to produce to offset the cost of their construction, Richards explained.

Averaging out the revenues from parking fees and tacking them onto rents that everyone pays, for example, is unfair to people who have no car, the mayor said.

Despite the parking fee at Burlingame, residents there are apparently paying it, according to Barwick. The lot there is full, he said.

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