City Market monopoly

Dear Editor:

A recent article about a proposed site for a new grocery store in Carbondale has me baffled. What is everyone’s obsession with City Market around here? Here we have an opportunity to bring in a full-sized, “real” grocery store to a convenient location in the valley. Sounds great to me! So why is it the developer is “hoping” it will be a City Market? The City Market in El Jebel is by far the most poorly organized mess of a supermarket I’ve ever seen.

Who wants bread right when they walk in the store? Then I have to worry about squishing it for the duration of my shopping trip. I’ve never seen so many people looking around for items with complete and utter looks of confusion on their faces. Apparently this design is the result of a recent reorganization. Whatever genius was responsible for the store’s current layout should be fired. I’d go into detail about where items are vs. where they should be, but I’ve only got 500 words to work with.

And what about competition? Perhaps some friendly competition to City Market is just what this valley needs! Let’s try a new chain supermarket and end the City Market monopoly that has this valley in a choke-hold.

Rachel Middleton



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