City Market boots its customers |

City Market boots its customers

Dear Editor:

In light of Wednesday’s article (“Some getting the ‘boot’ at City Market parking lots,” The Aspen Times) about the recent rash of cars being booted in City Market parking lots in Carbondale and El Jebel, I have the following comments:

I also got booted, as did a friend of mine, and neither of us had any knowledge of the recently enacted four-hour-maximum parking policy. I am sure all of us are in fact customers of these establishments and would not have parked there had we known about the booting policy.

Having given this matter a lot of thought, I am now convinced that it is purely a for-profit racket entirely for the benefit of the guy who owns the booting contracts. Exactly how does booting customers provide any benefits to the retailers when the parking lots are actually never full?

Why are customers not being given a warning ahead of being subjected to an extravagant $200 to $250 fee to get our cars back? Why is there only a single small sign in small print with the four-hour limit, whereas the other signs in the lot refer to “parking for customers only, others will be towed,” which is frankly misleading for several reasons – not the least of which being that we are all customers.

What are we, criminals, clearly in need of some serious punishment for not knowing that we cannot park in the lot to go for a bike ride ahead of shopping at the grocery store, or the liquor store or the pet-food store afterwards? With no one to turn to for some consideration in the matter (and I have tried – a talk with the City Market manager, two letters to the mall association requesting a warning and a refund), all we can do is make sure everyone we know knows about the four-hour limit so that, as quickly as possible, Mr. Boot’s business will dry up, and he can go find some other community in which to prey on unknowing individuals and ignorant retailers who don’t seem to understand the meaning of customer service.

Andre Schwegler


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