City makes no move to remove fluoride |

City makes no move to remove fluoride

Aspen Times Staff Report

The Aspen City Council took no action, but asked a lot of questions, at what some local wags nicknamed “the great fluoride debate of 1999.”

Pro-fluoride and anti-fluoride factions made their respective cases for two and a half hours Tuesday night in the council chambers.

Both sides cited studies and data supporting their respective positions – that fluoride should continue to be added to Aspen’s water to help prevent tooth decay, or should be left out of the water because some are concerned it is poisoning them and their families.

City staffers, meanwhile, indicated the city could save itself $8,000 in chemical costs and an unknown amount in salaries by discontinuing the fluoridation program.

Although it was generally acknowledged that fluoride is a potent toxin, its advocates said that in minute amounts it is proven to reduce the chance of tooth decay in most people. Critics questioned that contention, claiming the data is not conclusive.

The hearing, which was conducted as a work session, will be aired on GrassRoots Television to allow voters to form their own conclusions.

Mayor Rachel Richards said it is up to the council to decide whether anything more will be done regarding the fluoridation program.

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