City Hall should hold Kronberg accountable |

City Hall should hold Kronberg accountable

Whether she likes it or not, Toni Kronberg’s candidacy for Aspen City Council has thrust her squarely into the spotlight. Running for elected office is all about accountability, and the citizenry should hold Kronberg accountable by ensuring she plays by the rules of this electoral game.Kronberg knows a thing or two about rules, or at least she claims to know a lot about things like the Aspen Area Community Plan, local land-use codes and the will of the public.Kronberg should also have a complete understanding of the qualifications to run for City Council, one of which is that candidates live inside the city limits.When this newspaper received a number of complaints about Kronberg’s residential status, it had an obligation to research the accusations. The conclusion: Nobody knows where Toni Kronberg lives. Not even Toni Kronberg.Since The Aspen Times began asking Kronberg on Friday about where she lives, she has changed her story several times and has even gone on the defensive, saying the questions were an invasion of privacy. Getting a simple, straight answer from Kronberg – at least when it comes to where she lives – is far from easy. She hasn’t produced any documentation proving her Aspen residency. (She has signed an affidavit on her candidate application stating that she lives at 230 N. Spring St. in the Oklahoma Flats neighborhood.)Kronberg maintains that she lives a simple, if not nomadic, life. But it appears to us there is nothing simple about changing addresses several times a year, while keeping an “office” in the basement of a trailer located several miles outside city limits. The same “office” is where residents of Aspen Village say they see her leave early in the morning and arrive late at night.We believe that Kronberg has not leveled with the public. City Hall officials tell the Times that action will be taken against Kronberg only if a member of the public files an objection with the city clerk. From our point of view, it seems the city should be more proactive and investigate the matter, with or without a formal complaint.Some may believe that it is a moot point because Kronberg is regarded as a long shot in the June 5 runoff election against Steve Skadron. That may be true, but when a candidate exploits an honor-based system, that candidate should be kept in check.Until Kronberg comes clean – either by providing documentation proving that she lives on Spring Street or admitting she doesn’t actually live there – Aspen’s runoff election will be tainted.It shouldn’t be this complicated.

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