City Hall ignored citizenry |

City Hall ignored citizenry

Dear Editor:

I would like to add to Aaron Hedge’s story regarding the city officials who spoke to the Business Luncheon on Wednesday by complimenting the city officials who managed to spend one full hour defending the transparency of City Hall and never mentioning the Art Museum’s illegal and secret approvals. Is it possible that when Assistant City Manager Crook stated that City Hall was not “going to sit idly by while people out there in the community make false accusations” he knew that he should avoid a topic that was not a false accusation but was hidden behind a wall of secrecy?

Mr. Crook went on to say that the accusations referred to as “myths” were “the public’s business and (it) belongs in the public eye.” We agree on that point and truly wonder why, when council was made aware of the overwhelming opposition to the AAM approval, they did nothing to stop the process. The mayor was presented with 800 signed statements in opposition to the approval and made aware that there were several hundred more that had been received, and yet no action was taken to consider this amount of opposition. In a municipality with 2,600 people who vote (per the city information officer) and over 53 percent of the possible voters standing against the issue, one would think that the elected officials would take some action to stop the process and not hide behind some “legal agreement.”

It makes you wonder what the city was threatened with that made them violate the codes that they swore to uphold.

Richie Cohen



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