City Council passes resolution requesting immigration limits |

City Council passes resolution requesting immigration limits

A resolution passed by the Aspen City Council last Monday brings to fruition a longtime wish of Councilman Terry Paulson.

The council unanimously passed a resolution petitioning Congress and the president of the United States to enact legislation that would attempt to stabilize the population of the U.S.

The resolution suggests this could be done by imposing a five-year moratorium on immigration in excess of 100,000 per year and by enforcing laws against illegal immigration.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for six years,” Paulson said. He said Aspen may be the first local government, either large or small, to fire off such a request.

Paulson said he thinks the resolution, though coming from a small-town government, could have a profound influence, not only because Aspen’s name is well known, but also because it may prompt other towns to pass similar resolutions.

Groups such as Carrying Capacity Network and the Center for Immigration Studies, which furnished statistics supporting the resolution, told Paulson that Aspen may be the first town to pass such a resolution, possibly because other communities haven’t had the courage to do so. But Paulson said the groups are contacting other towns with the same information.

“This is one of those touchy subjects that no one wants to talk about,” Paulson said. Because many current immigrants are members of minority groups in the U.S., attempts to limit immigration may be seen as racist.

But the results of three reputable polls, the 1998 Wall Street Journal Poll, the Roper Poll and the Hispanic USA Group Survey, all show that a majority of Americans of all ethnic and racial backgrounds favors substantial reduction in legal immigration and a complete halt to illegal immigration. That information was supplied as background information in the resolution.

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