City Council fiscal conduct criminal |

City Council fiscal conduct criminal

Dear Editor:

I think the statistics in last week’s business section say it all: Real estate transfer tax revenues are 31 percent below budget. Closings in Pitkin County are down about 50 percent. So with the City Council proposing to vote on $100 million toward employee housing this fall, where do they think the money will come from? There are always economic cycles, and this government obviously refuses to respect that.

If either the past City Council or the current one (which spent $31 million on employee housing “dirt” this winter ” supposedly three times the appraised value) were on any company board in this country, they would be held personally liable and most likely be sued individually. The fiscal irresponsibility of both councils is truly criminal. For a housing program of this magnitude to be run with zero checks and balances hurts the people it is trying to help.

No matter what your feelings/beliefs are about the housing program, the government may not steal or squander those funds where subsidies per home approach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Somewhere in the city code is a responsibility statement for not only the elected officials, but the hired staff.

Something serious must be done, and it might be to purge who is there and put in people who pledge fiscal and personal responsibility in all aspects of this government.

Lorrie B. Winnerman

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