City Council deserves what it gets |

City Council deserves what it gets

Dear Editor:

Last week the Daily News published a column ruminating on how it must suck to be the mayor or a City Council member because of the criticism they receive. Respectfully, this is largely within their control.

A City Council that insists on devoting attention to controversial issues far from the core matters of operating a small city is bound to catch a lot of heat. This is especially true when they often do it so incompetently. Purely as an example, and not taking sides on the substantive issue, which deity ordained that this small city had to go into the hydroelectric business? Who at City Hall failed to foresee that property owners who feel they would be affected might sue? Who thought the city could get away with a cheap short-form EPA application when it was foreseeable that a more costly process would be required? Who failed to budget for these foreseeable developments?

Look in the mirror, City Council.

Maurice Emmer