City and residents to blame for bear crisis |

City and residents to blame for bear crisis

Dear Editor:

It’s your time to take a stance and help in the unethical killing and removal of our furry friends, the bears of Aspen.

We chose to live in their backyard – that is the bottom line! The city and all of the residents need to step up and do their part! The bears come to town for one reason and only one reason – food! If they found no food, they would move on. I have been more than disgusted, to say the least, over the past three weeks in my tallying of how many open dumpsites andgarbage cans I have seen in the alleys of Aspen from 3 to 7 a.m.

And we wonder why we have a bear problem!

We must learn to coexist with these magnificent creatures as we are living in their backyard. We have to stop people from calling the Division of Wildlife every time a bear is on “their” back porch. Remember – you chose to live here, so deal with it!

Shame on the city of Aspen for not doing its part. The city can take an item such as plastic bags that it can find a way to make money off and turn it into such a large controversy and make choices without it ever going to vote. But it can’t give two cents about the bears?

Shame, shame, shame on the city for not having better plans in place for when a bear comes into town. Shame on the city for not working with the Division of Wildlife and making sure every dumpsite and trash can is 100 percent bear-proof! And most of all, shame on the city for not enforcing that every dumpsite and trash bin is locked up in town.

The sad reality is that if a bear gets food in Aspen from a dumpsite or trash bin one time, it will return forever in search of food when food is not easy for bears to find in the mountains. Sadly, this bear ends up being euthanized after its second return to “their” backyard.

This has to stop! I have watched it go on too long. I am taking a stand along with many other residents I know personally who share the same compassion for these magnificent creatures that were here long before we ever were.

Please, call the mayor and the City Council and demand they start to enforce the trash laws, and please, if you share a concern for the bears, then watch and listen for updates on how you can help the Aspen Bear Coalition make a change! We will be updating the community on upcoming events shortly. It is going to take all of us doing our part, and it can be done.

Josh Meacham


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