Citizens, not inmates |

Citizens, not inmates

Do not extend the life of the property tax contained in Referendum 1A. It is a “red herring” and a Trojan horse to increase tax income by playing on the emotional strings of the voting public.

There are many “pie in the sky,” unnecessary, wasteful, foolish expenses the county supports that could be cut or trimmed without picking on those least able to defend themselves (how about commissioner salaries and expenses? That would pick up half of the expected deficit in one swoop ? and stop long, incestuous elected tenures).

Also the Aspen Valley Hospital owns the land and buildings of the senior center. They should assume control of this facility and remove the present board of directors and executive director. There is little or no compassion or kindness in this bureaucratic, rude nightmare of an operation.

The AVH is known for its concern and compassion. They would treat those nearing the end of their lives with the dignity they deserve.

The bureaucratic, arrogant fiefdom that has grown up around the care of our seniors is inexcusable. They are honored citizens, not inmates.

Taylor Gamblin

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