Cinema plus laundry? |

Cinema plus laundry?

Dear Editor:I think I have a solution to the impending demise or your laundromat. When I rented from Ferenc and Mirta Berko on East Hallam, I had to use the soon-to-be-extinct laundromat in Aspen.Begin now to lobby the city to convert part of the Isis into a laundromat! For a $20 admission you could watch a first-run film and receive two tokens one for a free wash and one for a series of free dryer cycles.Everyone could be doing their laundry together in true old “egalitarian-elitist” fashion in the heart of downtown Aspen.Sorry, that I came up with just now – it could have truly enlivened the recent mayor’s race into a pro-Maytag versus a pro-Whirlpool cycle; with Mayor Helen adding to the spin, talk about an infill concept!Sven Erik AlstromLawrence, Kan. and Aspen

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