Church plans right for Emma |

Church plans right for Emma

Dear Editor:I have been somewhat astonished that Mr. George Newman of Emma would give any church dedicated to God a rough time such as said Newman did in The Aspen Times on June 16, concerning the new buildings contemplated by Grace Church of Basalt. Were he a true environmentalist, I could perhaps understand him. But what he calls “pastoral land” is currently nothing but a tremendous eyesore in my estimation. I cannot believe that any passer-by would not prefer to see a lovely church there, with landscaping, than what currently exists. Perhaps the old adage is true that “what is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Mr. Newman must feel that the ugly lot presently there is a pastoral paradise, indeed! Basalt has radically changed since I was a child growing up on its streets. Must we think that Emma should remain static forever? There are a few inaccuracies in Mr. Newman’s letter. Grace Church is not huge, but certainly would be foolish to not plan for future growth. I have met the pastor, and he is not the type to try to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. The elders of his church are all honorable men of the valley and some of them highly respected businessmen among us. My family dates to the 1890s in this area, and my brother went to school in the little white school at Emma under Mrs. Margaret Darien. I say that a lovely church there with classrooms and parking lot and all is a big improvement over what currently exists. It is only natural that any establishment would have two entrances (and exits) and as for the possibility of needing another traffic light or a “roundabout,” Mr. Newman is engaging in pure hyperbole. What kind of traffic is going to cause congestion there at 10 a.m., especially on a Sunday? The current entry lane will be ample, and there is certainly not going to be any traffic jam shortly after noon on Sunday when the church lets out. Mr. Newman found out all he needed to know by one brief trip to Aspen. I knew about the church plans two months ago. It was certainly not some sinister plot that merited the title of “best kept secret in Emma.” As I grew up in this area, more and more I heard that the whole Aspen area was becoming more and more “materialistic.” I say it is time to give some deference and respect to God. I feel a church and classrooms on that spot would be a wonderful improvement and would deserve some kind of beautification award. The readers may respectfully disagree if they choose.Earl V. ElmontBasalt native

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