Church cooks up great internship |

Church cooks up great internship

Dear Editor: My name is Calvin Soldoff; I am a student at Basalt Middle School, and for the past year I have been in a program called WIT. We have been going to internships for the past few months.

For a while I have been very passionate about cooking; therefore I found a chef as my mentor. This chef’s name is Clark Church, and he works as the head chef at the Garnish Cafe in the Aspen Club and Spa.

I am writing this letter because I want to acknowledge Clark and his restaurant. In this experience, he taught me the proper chopping technique, how to boil wontons, and how to make homemade noodles. Also, I learned how to communicate with adults.

I’ve tried some of his food, and each and every dish has amazed me. Thank you for a great internship, Clark!

Calvin Soldoff

student, Basalt Middle School