Christmas, revisited |

Christmas, revisited

Dear Editor:

I pick up an ornament that has the year 1960 on it.

I turn it upside down then back ” snow softly falls over the tiny scene. I look intensely, mesmerized by the intricacy of the detail within the ornament.

I see a little girl 11 years of age, and a boy of 13 walking under the freshly falling snow. Their footsteps are muffled by a layer of snow on the ground, walking on the tops of clouds.

As they continue walking they are making snow-snakes by looping each step out to the side in the powder on the street. Her legs are no match for the 13 year old’s.

She catches up as he puts the final touches on his snake rounding the loop for the head and with his fingers making a couple of well placed dots for the eyes ” perfect.

I know it’s night because there are fuzzy halos around each intersection light. Bell, Little Nell, and Ajax are luminous, familiar runs can be seen. Every breath of the cold fresh air is rejuvenating; literally breathing in joy, peace, and contentment.

“Oh my gosh, it’s my big brother/best friend, Jimmy, and me inside the ornament” … we are walking home from the Isis. Seven minutes and all traffic is gone and we have the world to ourselves. What fun we run in the middle of the street and glide seeing who can make the longest track in the snow.

I throw a snowball … he pushes me into the snowbank … then joins me and demonstrates how to balance on one foot making half of the lower angel while moving both arms at the same time ” he’s so clever. When we are through he grabs my hands and jerks me to my feet so I won’t wreck the impression; there are two standing snow angles, side by side.

We arrived home to the little blue house on the corner of South Original and East Hopkins. Before we go in we try to see if any of the snowflakes that land on our mittens are alike before they melt.

I look up into the night sky, close my eyes … I feel the snow softly fall on my face. I take a deep breath and think how wonderful it is to be living inside a Christmas ornament. When I open my eyes I am surprised to be seating on my couch with an ordinary ornament in hand.

May you remember or experience the Christmas magic that is Aspen’s alone.

P.S.: A special Christmas “Thank you” to my brother, Jim Hamlin, for putting up with his little sister.

Merry Christmas to all.

Nancy L. Hamlin

Aspen High School Class of ’68

Tulsa, Okla.

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