Christmas cookie creativity |

Christmas cookie creativity

Randi YoungYoung's series of "ginger boys" includes one wearing a Wolf Creek Ski Area sweater " third row from the bot tom, fourth from the left.

This has become an annual tradition here at Aspen Miscellaneous: First, Aspen Times columnist Su Lum publishes her recipe for Christmas cookies, and then Randi Young does plenty of baking and decorating with the recipe, and sends us photos of the finished product.

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It has to be said, Young’s ability to intricately decorate these cookies always impresses us. This year she did a series of “ginger boys” with fancy sweaters and caps that we love, and showed her political spirit by creating some cookies with Barack Obama’s election 2008 logo.

Each year when Randi makes the cookies she gives them out to friends and lifties at ski areas.

Here are some words about the cookies from Randi: “2008 Christmas Cookies turned out great. This year’s ‘specialty’ were the little ginger boys/girls in ski attire. ( Third row up and fourth to the right is wearing a Wolf Creek Ski Area sweater ” gave that one to the owner/manager of the area.)

“I found some really tiny cookie cutters and did mini ginger boys, small holly leaves, tiny Christmas trees, little snow angels and candy canes. The lifties loved the cookies ” and a couple of them actually refrained from eating them all (to take some home to the girlfriends).”

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