Christmas comes from the heart |

Christmas comes from the heart

This Christmas, The Aspen Times offered to make certain that local youngsters’ letters to Santa Claus got delivered properly and promptly, as addressed.

Curiously, we received only a few letters for Santa – although one of them was stamped with a full 99 cents in U.S. postage, apparently by a young man who wanted to be very certain his letter got where it was going.

In any case, those letters were sent on their way to the North Pole by swift and reliable means, and today, knowing that Santa has now read those letters, we offer them to our readers for their enjoyment.

We start with a young man who doesn’t seem to actually want anything from Santa. He just wants to let the old elf know that all is well.

To: Santa

From: A.J.

Did you know that my borthday is coming up soon and 20 kids are invited. I am a very lucky kid because I have a good family. It sounds like I have a lot of friends. I wanted a peir of binokulars but I didn’t have enough money to buy them. So I asked people that I new for money for my birthday. I got $200.00 in all. My mom and dad will pay for the rest.

Merry Christmas.


Our next letter is from a young lady who also doesn’t seem to want anything, except a chance to express her affection.

Dear Santa,

I love you.


Then we have this note from another young lady who gets down to business right away – and then takes a moment out for emotion.

Dear Santa,

Lincoln logs




This is my list

Love, Gracie

P.S. Santa, I love you. How is Rudolph? I like him so!

Then we have a young man who takes care not to be greedy (he only wants one present from his lengthy list) and also pleads his case to be included on the list of those who have been “nice” (not “naughty”).

Dear santa claus,

Please send me one of these presents because I have triad so hard to have better behaver this year.

My List

Nintodo 64 (with Zelda)

playstasen (with tony hawk skater)

pokemon gold or silver

a camra

a vido camra

scooter (Razer)

big gi goe swat

Radiocontrolled boet

teach deak jumps

Adalt walkie-talkie

game boy color

head/arm walkie-talke set

Nerf guns

Have a Merry Christmas!!

Yours truly,


Another young man didn’t list any gifts he wanted, but simply expressed his affection and admiration for Mr. Claus. And, just for good measure, he tucked a chocolate mint into the envelope. The letter read:


You’re the best. And I love you.


Another young letter writer apparently was concerned that neatness counts, so she typed her missive.

Dear Santa,

This is what I want for Christmas, pleaeaease.

A scooter, my own computer, a plastic balloon that you can put your arm throgh and it doesent POP! A cyristyl a moots shirt that’s blue, a pear of overalls that are like a peachesh greenesh witth 3 flowers on top.

And that what I want for CHRISTMAS.



And then we have this classic missive from a well-behaved (he assures Santa) and very chatty young man.

Dear Santa,

This year I have been a good boy. I help my mommy and daddy. I love my sisters, Eli and Maria. I am working on patience. I try not to get mad. I am a big boy and a good worker. I brush my teeth in the night and in the morning. I like my school and play outside with my friends. I share at school and I ride the bus. I sit down in the bus and am good.

I hope all is well at the workshop. How is Rudolph? We sing that song about you coming to visit our town.

Could you bring me for Christmas a silver play gun that has silver bullets and a mask and a badge? I saw it in the grocery store and it has a brown handle and where it points out and shoots is it silver. I will only play nice with the toy gun and never point it at people or scare my dog, Buck. Any other toy would be all right like a train track, a Light Brite or “Legos.”

When is it going to be Christmas? Is it snowing at the North Pole? We are getting lots of snow in Aspen. I am looking forward to Christmas and the baby Jesus’ Birthday!

Have a good trip. I love you,


And, finally, we have this letter, from a girl who seems to have an astonishingly good grip on what Christmas is supposed to be about.

Dear Santa Claus,

I think that I deserve a little something for Christmas. I would prefer what I have asked for, but I really don’t need anything.

All I need for Christmas is my family to hug, hold, laugh, carol and sit by the fire with. But most of all, I need you. I don’t need you to make and give me gifts, but to enjoy and help me enjoy Christmas and to just give me a sign that you were there and that you really believe that Christmas doesn’t just come out of gift wrapped boxes and bows, but comes from the heart.



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