Choosing to fly |

Choosing to fly

Dear Editor:Somewhere downvalley lived a circle of friends who somehow found the time to get together and play.Some will say their play was inconsequential, that it lacked the appropriate gravitas for living in the age of terrorism. But they believed, in their hearts, that stomping a trance dance out upon a ground made holy by their own joy in life and their reverence for that which kept them alive – their holy Mother Earth – was the most appropriate response to the terrorist threat. They believed that any corporation or government that ravages the Earth, the living source of their own lives, is more of an enemy than any single Arab hiding in a cave. They believed that the only thing that will break the grip of the hideous affluenza afflicting them was not to buy, but to make, and that making a living was worse than making a life. They believed that making a simple life was difficult but worthy.They believed there was no creed that could contain, or even describe, the creative spirit within them. They believed that they were endowed by their creator with the inalienable right to create.They believed that their pursuit of happiness required an obligation of gratitude toward everything – even the president, even the terrorist. Their compassion for the terrorist was the same as their compassion for their president, indeed, even their creator.They were grateful for their time on Earth and the purpose they were there to discover.They were grateful for the hard lesson and the easy sleep. They were grateful for the true words of a friend. They were grateful for the inner curve of light in a lover. They were grateful for everything and didn’t take anything for granted.And since they lived in a land called America, they were allowed to believe this and so no one paid much attention when they got together and danced down to the very soul of things. That is why I choose to fly, not buy. That is why just enough is just right. That is why I dance as if no one’s watching and why I love as if I haven’t loved before. That is why I feel free to be me, despite what the president, the terrorist, their minions, or you might decree.Thank you, thank you, oh yes, please, thank you, thank you.Luke NestlerGlenwood SpringsSomewhere down the river (but not yet sold out)