Choose hope, not fear |

Choose hope, not fear

Dear Editor:Sometimes it’s the small things that remind us we’re on the right track – subtle signs that appear out of the blue to tell us we’re headed in the right direction. With the presidential election less than one week away, there’s little doubt which candidate will be chosen by Pitkin County voters; less certain however, is the outcome in Colorado or the rest of the country.From my perspective, the choice is clear: selecting a candidate who has the confidence to intelligently weigh the consequences of his decisions, a man who has the ability to admit when he’s made mistakes, even, God forbid, ask someone for help. I plan to back the statesman with the willingness to multitask between domestic and international affairs; an advocate who represents those with means as well as the less fortunate, and perhaps, most importantly, a diplomat who attempts an understanding and a dialogue with those who may not share our views as opposed to a small-minded desire to dismiss (or even eradicate) those who disagree with us.So when I saw Tony Hershey fly past my truck last week shaking his head in disapproval, I had to think. Had he not recognized me? Had I accidentally cut him off? Then I remembered the Kerry/Edwards sticker Eric and Angela Fullerton had given me for my rear bumper a week earlier, and it all made sense. No matter what was on Tony’s mind that day – who has been and remains my friend – it was the impetus for this letter.My hope for this upcoming election, in fact my prayer, is that those who might cast a disparaging look, those who disapprove and condescend another’s opinion just because it is different than their own, will take a moment to take stock and in a rare instance, re-evaluate. For there is more at stake next Tuesday than a fight to the finish; something much more important is at stake. It is the ability for one citizen to say aloud, I am not afraid what lies ahead, the apocalypse is not looming around the corner. On the contrary, I believe our best days are ahead, not behind; our lives and the lives of people around the globe can and will improve, and hope, not fear will prevail. Choose hope, not fear, Nov. 2; vote for what lies ahead rather than what lurks beneath. Scott BayensSnowmass

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