Choir needs information |

Choir needs information

Scott Condon’s article about me on Jan. 26 misidentifies Hermann Goering’s position in the Nazi hierarchy. He was head of the Luftwaffe, the German air force.

Mr. Condon laments my “preaching to the choir.” I gave two public talks in the valley as well as a presentation at Yampa High School.

According to organizers of the Glenwood and Aspen events there were many new faces in attendance. That is most encouraging and of course needs to be built upon.

But as to Mr. Condon’s choir criticism. First, the choir needs information, solidarity and inspiration. Second, those groups that challenge official stories are often lacking in money. If your message is not on TV, it’s harder to reach large audiences. However, the Internet is changing that. It is growing as a source of independent news and analyses.

Based on my extensive traveling and public response to my Alternative Radio programs, it is clear that more and more citizens sense that there is “something rotten in Denmark.” Another indicator of discontent and the yearning for alternative perspectives is the unprecedented number of progressive books on the bestseller lists.

There is a definite possibility for regime change in this country. Every vote will count. There is a Rock the Vote movement in the valley. Get involved and get out on Nov. 2.

David Barsamian


[Editor’s note: According to The New American Desk Encyclopedia, while Hermann Goering was most famous as leader of the Luftwaffe, he also organized the Gestapo.]


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