Child’s insight surpasses adults’ |

Child’s insight surpasses adults’

Shannon Dick’s letter, “Aspen is collapsing” on May 7 was brilliant and right on time, as I prepare for my special “Grand Tour” for profit, culture and pleasure by first going to Bisbee, Az., and then onward to Aspen, to return after so many years gone. I am leaving phoney California.

Thank you Shannon Dick for your keen insight and clarity chocked full of excellent information on a level beyond even most adults living or vacationing in Aspen.

I sent Shannon Dick’s letter to former Aspenite Diane Jacques, who is in Bisbee, and to friends in both the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for them to read, because Shannon Dick has much to teach them, too.

Emzy Veazy III

Glendale, Calif.

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