Chicken Littles crowing |

Chicken Littles crowing

Dear Editor:Our local alarmists, John Herbst and Judith King, tout the Bush administration’s line that Iran is on the verge of destroying Israel with nuclear weapons. Complete hogwash. The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, and other locations in Israel are holy places to the world’s Muslim population. If Ahmedinejad were to desecrate these places, he would be at the top of the kill list of every Islamic leader. In addition, retribution from the U.S. would assure Iran’s immediate destruction.The claim that Muslims want to destroy Israel is a gross distortion. What Ahmedinejad and other Middle East leaders have been saying is that they want the removal of the Zionist leadership in Israel. This is the leadership that has stolen land from Palestine, Lebanon and Syria and oppressed the Palestinian people for decades, barring them from any semblance of civilized autonomy. This is the leadership that the U.S. supports, protects, and arms with the very weapons used on innocent Palestinian and Lebanese civilians. Is it any wonder that Israel’s neighbors would like to see an end to the Zionist regime?Herbst and King protest my use of the word “elitist” to describe their preferred course of action against Iran. What else can you say about those who believe that sacrificing Iranian lives is justifiable to save Israeli lives? The scary thing about a pre-emptive strike policy is that it can go both ways. Following our example, another nation could presumably feel justified in attacking the U.S. to keep their populations safe from our own mad leader.There are currently 16 nuclear related facilities in Iran, which has had a nuclear development program since 1975, long before Ahmedinejad and the Ayatollahs were in power. This program was condoned and encouraged by the U.S. government that at the time included Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. It is an ENERGY program! While it is possible to develop nuclear weapons with the enriched uranium capabilities of an energy program, with proper controls and regular inspection by the IAEA, that scenario can be avoided. It’s not appeasement, it is sanity.The best defense against the fearmongers is getting the straight facts. For more on Iran’s nuclear program and the policies behind the U.S. plan to instigate WWIII, read former chief weapons inspector Scott Ritter’s book, “Target Iran.” Don’t let the Chicken Littles scare you into condoning their elitist pre-emptive strike policy.Sue GrayCarbondale

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