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‘Chicago’ raises the bar

Dear Editor:

It’s an interesting dilemma to write a letter when words fail. We were awestruck Thursday at the opening-night performance of “Chicago.” It’s impossible to do justice to this fantastic offering of the Aspen Community Theater by sending a little letter to the editor. But it’s our only vehicle to express our thanks.

Yes, this story captures and this music delights ” “Chicago” is a classic. Yet, on the stage and behind the scenes, for us and for many who will have the privilege of experiencing this performance, the familiar touch of small-town community theater is undeniable.

From my dear buddy Rita, to the beautiful heart and spirit of Marissa, to kids like Lucy, to old timers like Scott, to Franz (whom I remember from oh! so long ago), to Tom Ward, to David Dyer, to Nina and Ed … from lead characters to small roles, from fabulous staging to poignant memorial touches in the program … from remarkable actors and orchestra to exquisite song and dance… this year’s offering has raised the bar so high, we can’t imagine anything of higher quality ” ever. Aspen Community Theater has stepped higher, and we, along with the community, are overwhelmed.

Many thanks to each of you who contributed to this labor of love, this most amazing gift to our community. We honor you. We thank you. You have raised the bar.

Nancy and Wolf Gensch

Snowmass Village

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