Chew on this |

Chew on this

Dear Editor:First, TRIDENT raids the coke fiends, then ICE drags away dozens of Illegal (wink, wink!) aliens this week.What is next, a JUICY FRUIT crackdown on Illegal Jamaican homosexuals? A BIG RED scare in the overweight Irish community? A WRIGLEY bust on our Chicago immigrants? A CHICLET roundup at the middle school?This is a very sticky problem, one that threatens to inflate until the diversity bubble bursts … Our elected goverments throughout the valley should forge new bonds to work this out, spend some time chewing on the facts: The facts that many innocent lives, not to mention our economy, will suffer from these unneccessary gestapo tactics and unimaginative acronym selections.The good taste that was intended in these legal efforts long ago turned into a jaw clenchingly hard wad; one that frankly we dont have seven years to digest.C. Madison AndersonCarbondale

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