Cheshire cats in Snowmass

I imagine that the Aspen Skiing Co., the Crowns and Intrawest are all smiling like Cheshire cats these days.

Just imagine, after months and months of talk before Town Council, their original submission for Base Village has been reduced by all of 70 combined condo and hotel units from the earliest submission of 683 combined units. This equates to about 10 percent ” and the commercial is all of 43 square feet less than originally envisioned. Nice job, council.

And what about this Westin Hotel that is going to be higher than six stories? How much higher? Two-hundred and sixty-four rooms is gigantic and nothing else. The Little Nell has 92 rooms.

I am reasonably confident that the Skico, et al, originally came in submitting a great deal more than they wildly expected to be approved. As such, they must be pinching themselves even now in disbelief.

So much for citizen concerns relative to mass, height and density ” not even considering the coming problems regarding infrastructure, water, traffic, etc.

I am trying to keep this letter short and civil, but I have to say that I am most disappointed that the council has dismissed the above concerns even well before voting on the issue.

I understand they wish to get the process over with, but I believe this massive development will be the end of the Snowmass Village we all fell in love with when we decided to buy property here. We will now be just one more overbuilt, congested blob.

Please look at the rendering that Citizens for Responsible Growth have published in the papers. I do not want that monstrosity in my town. Do you?

Rudd Crawford

Snowmass Village