Chemical warfare |

Chemical warfare

Day after day our government tells us that Saddam Hussein has biological and chemical weapons and is close to having atomic weapons. We don’t hear that we, ourselves, have been using such weapons since the war in Kosovo and Desert Storm.

I refer to our use of depleted uranium ammunition because of its armor-piercing capability. However, when these projectiles explode a very toxic dust is formed. This lethal substance is breathed in by those living in the area.

As reported by Congressman McDermott, a physician, and others recently returned from Iraq, the incidence of leukemia in children and birth anomalies has greatly increased in these areas. Iraqis no longer inquire as to the gender of a newborn child, but ask whether the child is normal.

Our actions in using this lethal stuff might be considered as chemical warfare by any reasonable person. Maybe we should examine the results of our own actions ? admittedly a difficult thing for our administration to do.

Jane Baker Veit


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