Cheers for Ink! |

Cheers for Ink!

Its really great to hear Ink! has succeeded as it has, and what a tribute to its business acumen that it has not just survived but prospered and it is able to sponsor Winterskl. My hats off to these guys.I worked at Cafe Ink during its first years (Wake the Hell up!), worked the early shift and steamed many a cappuccino, and years later I look back on my experiences at Ink! as one of the best jobs I held in Aspen.A barista is one part counter person, one part psychiatrist, a healthy dollop of circus star, a smudge of imp, is effective at crowd control, and is certainly an ambassador of goodwill toward the extended family to whom he or she dispenses the java to, day in and day out. Most important, it is FUN. Kudos to Herbie, Salty and the gang for kicking it up the notch they demanded of their employees.Yes, the memories … like Herbies hairy ass mooning Laura and I out the D & E window (she says the image still wakes her, screaming in the night). The diplomatics of customer relations (who just wants just a cup of coffee? Step to the head of the line, quickly hand over your dollar and move it on out!!). The employee incentive program (Eric, steam TWO pitchers goddamn it, use BOTH hands, or Im going to SMACK you soo hard.).And of course the legends that live on … we all worked at a certain restaurant, and the story is told Herbie had this serious problem customer, some bossy, pompous crapknot, and as he prepared to serve the guy an espresso, he took the demi-tass spoon, and … and … naah, I cant tell that one, can I?Three cheers for Ink!Three cheers for Ink!Three cheers for Ink!Eric Lecht, ex-baristaBoise, Idaho

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