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Cheer the veterans

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Dear Editor:At this year’s Aspen Fourth of July parade the valley community will again have an opportunity to acknowledge the sacrifice of all the men and women who, as Americans have done for 230 years, put their lives on hold to serve our country. Their efforts will be recognized in the parade entry, “Tribute to Our Valley Veterans.” During this 65th anniversary of our entry into WWII, we recognize the generation who gave so much to save the world. On the fifth anniversary of the War on Terror, we also salute the young men and women defending us today.All US military veterans and active duty personnel, locals and visitors, areinvited to walk in the Aspen parade with our entry. Participants should locate thegroup near Paepcke Park at the start of the parade route by 11:15 a.m. Veteransneeding transportation or anyone who can provide transportation should callDick Merritt at 927-5178, ASAP. For more information, veterans should call Hugh Roberts at 927-4194 or Sally Glenn at 948-8278.As Americans celebrate the Fourth of July, we need to remember that thefreedoms we enjoy were purchased with the service and sacrifice of our men andwomen in the military. Our men and women in uniform are today againdefending these freedoms. Please come join the other veterans walking or givethe vets a big cheer of appreciation from the sidelines.Hugh RobertsSnowmassVietnam USAFThe free market will surviveDear Editor: I love this valley. Just when I think I’ve seen and heard everything and I am about to fall asleep, along comes Tuesday’s Aspen Times with, on the one hand, Mick Ireland’s guest opinion on page A11 declaring that Aspen rejected the free market 30 years ago, and, on the other hand at one and the same time, the Hyatt Grand Aspen full page advertisement on page A24 with a picture of Albert Schweizer “at Aspen’s 1949 Goethe Bicentennial Festival” offering “deeded opportunities for one- to four-bedroom residences from $100,000 to just under $1 million dollars.”It has been often reported that Albert Schweizer had no idea where Aspen was when Walter Paepcke invited him to the Goethe Bicentennial, nor did he know that, as the Hyatt ad proclaims, “being a little bit smarter is an Aspen tradition.”I’ll say this for the free market: it will use absolutely anyone, anywhere and anything to make another sale. They say that when a cat rubs up against your leg it is always wise to remember that the cat is not being affectionate but is just scratching its back and waiting around until it hears the sound of a can being opened. Imagining Albert Schweizer in the Cameroon jungle practicing Bach preludes and fugues on his out-of-tune organ, practicing compassion on the natives and dreaming of his future as an Aspen real estate icon has awakened me and kept me from falling off my log and banging my head.Now I can lie down and go back to sleep safely in my own bed secure in the knowledge that my anxiety over the absence of the free market was overblown.Jim BreastedCarbondaleSmith for Eagle County assessorDear Editor: On Aug. 8 we will go to the primary election with two Republican candidates for the Eagle County Assessor. I want you to know why the staff of the Assessor’s office backs Ed Smith, our co-worker, as our next Assessor.Ms. Mack has stated that she dropped the number of appeals by 47 percent. Ms. Mack does not control the number of appeals in the office. When values go up, appeals go up!Look at the waste of taxpayer funds that have taken place under Ms. Mack’s administration.In March Ms. Mack lead us to believe that she had passed the appraisal test and was waiting for her license to arrive. When Scott Miller interviewed Ms. Mack in May she admitted that she has been unable to pass the appraisal test. This is after we, the taxpayers, have paid the bill for 200 hours of education.There has been a 100 percent employee turnover rate under Ms. Mack’s administration. This is huge waste of taxpayer dollars. By state statute the appraisers in the office must receive the education to obtain and maintain their licenses. The administrative staff also must receive the required education to perform their jobs competently. Every time we lose an employee we start from scratch and this cost is paid for out of our tax dollars.Ms. Mack has now hired a personal friend to be her personal assistant! She is the only elected official to require one. This is a misuse of taxpayer money. We are now paying someone to do the job that Ms. Mack was elected to do.It is time that we hold our elected officials to a higher standard. Demand that they are in the office and accessible to the taxpayers. Demand that they know and understand the job we elected them to do. Demand a full day’s work for a full day’s pay, and demand this for the full 4 year term and not just the re-election year.Elect Ed Smith as our next Assessor. He has the integrity needed to meet those demands. Sandy SkilesBurnsDesign seminar: The horrorDear Editor:With horror I read “Design summit focuses on South Bronx, New Orleans” (Aspen Times, June 29). To think the fruit cakes assembled at this year’s Aspen International Design Conference would fathom sticking their noses into “The Bronx” (it is always The Bronx; study New York State History like I had to in junior high school in The Bronx).If this Majora Carter is such a “Bronx activist” and is well-heeled enough to use her credit cards to slum in the lofty heights of Aspen, she would not have been surprised by a “state-sponsored proposal to build a prison on the site” of her dreamed utopia.Did Ms. Carter assure her fellow conferees that she lives right in the middle of the “pervasive poverty … well-documented and publicized” about the “The South Bronx?” She must be impoverished herself to be “The Joan of Arc of The Bronx”.I am certain there are still thousands of people living all over The Bronx who still know and recognize The Veazy Family. I can guarantee it is more than they know and recognize Ms. Carter and her Sustainable South Bronx idea. Much more. Ms. Carter, did you give them a good show in Aspen so sugar plum fairies will dance in your head as you visit your friends at The Bronx Zoo?Emzy Veazy III, Esq.Aspen and Burbank, Calif.

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