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Check yourself

I’ve been reading in the paper about some people objecting to a new Aspen entrance across Marolt, and felt the need to respond. The editorial by Lenir Drake was the most recent thing in the paper that made me want to respond.

Some people want the current S curves widened to accommodate a four-lane highway. However, CDOT has come out a number of times to state that it is not possible to do this.

Some people have stated that a new entrance to Aspen across Marolt will change the character of this town. However, buildings or roads don’t change a character of a town, as much as people do; they should consider the way the town was seven years ago when 60 percent of the workforce lived here versus today.

Also of note is the Aspen government working to build as much as 1,000 housing units over the next 10 years, which will change the town’s character once workers live in Aspen.

Some people have said a new entrance to Aspen will not eliminate the traffic flow. However, this new entrance will eliminate the S curves, which have caused some of the backups into town. Also, there has been no evidence presented by the Friends of Marolt to show that traffic flow will increase due to a new entrance being built.

Contrary to what the Friends of Marolt say, there is support for a new entrance. This was demonstrated by the six citizen petition drives over the past 30 years that, once put on the ballot and passed, asked for a roadway (only) entrance to Aspen across Marolt.

Through the no votes to rail or a pure bus lane, only the two-lane entrance can be constructed with future expandability. Tony, Tim and Tom were smart enough to respect the past ballot initiatives, and also act on a previous City Council land swap decision.

These Friends of Marolt and other “no-builders” are the same people who didn’t want a Marolt entrance, due to their claims of an endangered species living out on Marolt property. As a past multi-time resident of Marolt temporary housing, the only thing I’ve ever seen out at Marolt are the hang gliders.

I’m pretty sure that the activities of a crazy bunch of white folks jumpin’ off a cliff, actin’ Iike Birdman does not qualify the hang gliders to be classified as an endangered species, because that’s the only thing I’ve ever seen out at Marolt.

CDOT even planned for a tunnel under the Marolt property to appease the environmentalists, and now they want a longer tunnel. These people will never be happy no matter what City Council does. They can’t even be honest to the public now, and can’t say they want nothing built out across Marolt. Why bother?

For these environmental wackos, for the next time they have the nerve to say the formally mentioned city councilmen haven’t been honest, I have something to say to you: you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Ramon Duvernay


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