Check your architect |

Check your architect

Dear Editor: Congratulations to Fred Wilson D.C., an excellent and well-known chiropractor for making it clear that misrepresentation is illegal (Aspen Times, March 8). My second cousin Delano Malmstrom, former director of the Kansas Chiropractic Board (yes another Swedish family that came on the same boat as my own ancestors, originally to Enterprise, Kan.), would certainly congratulate Fred Wilson, as well.Since 1990, I have made similar complaints about “non-licensed practitioners” of architecture in Aspen. Some of these have been fined, or issued cease and desist orders, or a few have subsequently taken and passed the architect’s exam.Misrepresentation continues, however, in Aspen, driven in part by a few greed heads – usually but not always your local spec home builders/investors.The best thing to do is contact the State Board of Architects or AIA Colorado to check on credentials; see for more information.Sven Erik Alstrom, AIAAspen

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