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Check out this solution

Dear Editor:I saw the letter to the editor by Teresa Salvadore (March 2) and looked at Michael Fuller’s map of a possible Entrance to Aspen solution. This design leaves outgoing traffic on the S-curves and brings inbound traffic from a roundabout at Cemetery Lane directly into Main Street. It can be designed with two lanes in each direction – one for bus or train and one for cars. I went to some early Entrance meetings and said the same thing (as have others), but no one really listened.This approach is so obvious and less contrived. It splits the traffic so both routes are saved some impact. It preserves most of the Marolt Open Space and spares the Berger house designed by Fritz Benedict. I suggest everyone go to and look up Entrance under Projects. I truly believe this is the most viable solution and should be taken seriously. If enough people supported this it would have to be considered.Georgeann WaggamanAspen