Check out the ‘total shambles’ |

Check out the ‘total shambles’

Dear Editor:I would like to remind all those who are considering the idea of voting against Base Village to come out to Snowmass on Dec. 27, 28 or 29 to see a dramatization of why we need to get on with this development right now.Plan to arrive at about 9:30 a.m., when the kids’ classes start getting onto the Fanny Hill lift. Return to Fanny Hill again about 3:30 p.m. to witness the craziness once again. Also, pay close attention to the contrast between the great work of the Aspen Skiing Co. guests and the total shambles of this base area. This situation is appalling and has been going on way too long.And for those who are betting that the Crowns will return with a smaller plan if you vote the Base Village down – are you really that bad of a poker player? Do you really think the Crowns, who are willing to dump $45 million into your community after three years of hard work, good-faith negotiation and compromise, are bluffing? Hell, I wouldn’t be. I’d have pulled out long ago. What’s to bluff for? There are easier ways to make much more money than they’ll ever get out of this. Please don’t put your village into the “too hard” file for those interested in making a contribution.And lastly, in case some of you think I’m just a company mouthpiece, I’m no longer in management, so now I can say what I really believe. (But I’m too polite to do that!)Weems WestfeldtAspen