Check out the city’s CMP

Dear Editor:I won the “Best Whiner” in Aspen award for the last two years and I hope to win it again next year. So here goes.The city’s recent moratorium on development projects was to give the city a chance to catch its breath trying to approve all the development applications pouring in under “infill” otherwise known as “Klanderude-ization.” Apparently, “infill” regulations approved by a former city council were butting heads with the city’s municipal zoning code, the Aspen Area Community Plan and the Historical Preservation guidelines.Developers and the city’s staff were frustrated and overwhelmed. Rightfully so. A land-use consultant was hired to help the city take their time to catch their breath, smell the historic lilac bushes of Aspen, and check out the views lost with projects like the ones between St. Mary Church and Connor Cabins, and on the corner of Galena and Main.But I think maybe the real reason why the city needs the moratorium is to push forward the plans described in the city’s recently released Civic Master Plan, which can be found on Feedback will be accepted for the next month or so by the city’s “special projects” director; the development applications will then go through the full public process beginning with P&Z sometime in October. There are at least 12 new buildings which the city wants to build on public property during the moratorium. My!! My!!Toni KronbergAspen