Check out Ron Paul |

Check out Ron Paul

Dear Editor:

Enough is enough. Now Democrats finally are beginning to realize their party is just as bad as most of the people in Congress that call themselves Repub­licans. With a Democratic Congress, we were promised lower gas prices and the end of the Iraq war. Gas prices are high­er than they were after Katrina, and the Democrats have caved to Bush on the Iraq war.

It’s time the citizens of both parties join and vote for Dr. Ron Paul in 2008.

Although he’s registered as a Republi­can, he voted against the Iraq war, Patri­ot Act, increased taxes, increased con­gressional spending and deficits, NAFTA, CAFTA , WTO, eminent domain and illegal amnesty bills. Dr. Paul is despised by the likes of the neo­con Republican establishment, such as Rudy Giuliani, as he’s against foreign occupation with United States troops.

Polls on C-SPAN have Dr. Paul leading the pack after each televised debate, yet Fox News bashes him as a lunatic. This shows you Fox News is neocon, not con­servative, and very scared of Ron Paul.

It would behoove all Democrats to take a look at Ron Paul’s website as Hillary and Obama are just more of the same old establishment that makes toasts with the neocons at cocktail parties behind closed doors. If you want to pre­serve what’s left of this Republic, keep your inalienable rights, abolish the Patri­ot Act, have an honest currency that pre­vents inflation (currency backed by gold) and quit meddling in foreign affairs with our military, then Ron Paul is your man for the 2008 presidential elections.

It’s up to you, Aspen, to make a change; voting for the establishment, whether Democrat or Republican, just gives you more of the same.

Tom Anderson

Aspen Village

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