Check out Burlingame Phase II |

Check out Burlingame Phase II

Dear Editor:

On the heels of a positive letter to the editor in the Aspen Daily News (Thursday, April 7) by John Bender of Carbondale, the city of Aspen would like to invite anyone interested in buying a new Burlingame Phase II unit to contact the Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority.

Burlingame Phase I was a great success. It offered 91 local families the ability to buy their own homes in a healthy community setting.

Phase II is designed for 167 units but the city wants to be prudent and build for demand. The first step is finding out what that demand is. By signing up at APCHA for this specific project, the city could move forward in constructing the appropriate number of units in the first step of construction.

Mr. Bender’s gracious invitation to the community to sign up is exactly the type of call to action necessary for people looking to live in Aspen for the long-term while allowing the city to plan for the future with hard numbers. One misstatement, however, in Bender’s letter was that the money to build the new units will come from increased property taxes. While it’s true the units will be subsidized, the funding is intended to come from sales revenues and bonds – long-term loans that get repaid via Real Estate Transfer Tax and/or dedicated sales tax revenues over time – both existing voter approved tax funds for affordable housing.

The city voters ultimately have the final say on whether the city should bond to build more housing. Consistently Aspen residents have stood up and said yes to affordable housing, proactively and with a view toward long-term sustainability of the community we all call home.

Stop by APCHA today and find out more about Burlingame Phase II or call Teresa Pollock at the housing office at 920-5050.

Mitzi Rapkin

Community Relations director, city of Aspen