Charming traffic jams |

Charming traffic jams

It has become very clear the key issue in the Entrance to Aspen debate is simply mass transit. It is also very clear that the opponents to the modified-direct entry have not thought very deeply about the ripple effects of their efforts to kill the modified direct entry.

RFTA has made it clear that the S-curves are a major impediment to the flow of transit into and out of the city. They have also let it be known that dedicated busways are of great importance to that flow.

In just three years the annual bus ridership has jumped from 2 million riders to 3.5 million per year. Currently there are 850 to 900 buses a day moving in and out of town in the mixed movement of traffic.

Add to these numbers the daily school bus traffic and the ski buses that carry our visitors to and from our ski hills, and even the casual observer can see the need to alleviate the problems.

The S-curves advocates have cited “character” as one of their reasons for keeping the S-curves in place, citing their bucolic charms as a reason to keep them.

I ask, How does one enjoy the delays caused by the curves when you are anxious to get to work, to get home in the evenings, to get to the slopes in the morning or to jump into the hot tub at the end of a hard ski day?

The answer is that you do not; you are angry and annoyed! If you are a visitor you remember the inconvenience, not the view.

Mass transit does not work on the S-curves, period!

Vote for the modified-direct as the only way to help mass transit in our valley.

Richie Cohen


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