Charming and disarming |

Charming and disarming

Dear Editor:I was shocked that the sheriff of Pitkin County would write to a federal judge in support of Bert Fingerhut, a convicted swindler who cheated bank investors out of millions of dollars (“Sheriff’s letter surprises feds,” Aug. 5). I am sure Mr. Fingerhut appears to be a wonderful man – most swindlers do. Only a very personable guy with a great personality would be capable of pulling off a multi-million dollar swindle. And charitable though he may be, the pain and hurt a swindler causes, and the lives he ruins, cannot be offset by his civic involvement.These parasites are smart and conniving, they act with intent and purpose. They deserve the maximum sentence for their actions, not kind words and sympathy from a law enforcement officer.Eric A. SimonBoca Raton, Fla.