Charm, but no conscience |

Charm, but no conscience

Dear Editor:Thanks for writing/covering this very important event (“Aspen a common target for con artists,” Feb. 12). We, over here in California, who are victims of [Peter] Frommer’s pathological lies and Ponzi scheme breathe a sigh of relief for every turn of events in writing that shed light on his character.Your piece was valuable and important to further elaborate on the behavior and status of this most repugnant and lawless man, Peter Frommer.Keep covering the stories about the Frommer developments. These “hooks” have certainly increased your readership, if I may speak for the many Californians among others.The following is a letter originally addressed to district attorney Gail Nichols:Last month, a private jet for the family to Aspen. Some time ago, a birthday bash with Patti LaBelle hired. Thousands spent at a lingerie shop in just one day. Extravagantly catered parties. Multiple security guards through the night, at the former residence. This man is addicted to the high life on other people’s dime.It is very important that I alert you about the depth and breadth of criminal transgressions regarding a defendant who is scheduled to be in Judge James Boyd’s courtroom on March 8.You must understand that this man, Peter Frommer, who is incredibly gifted at seeming remorseful and humble, has not “simply bounced checks” out of carelessness. (I am referring to the funds he defrauded from a baby-sitting company and also lingerie shop, and others in your town). He acts as if it is a game to dodge bills and to live lavishly.He has used his cunning to defraud myself and about two dozen other individuals in the Los Angeles area out of a reported $30 million. His own father won’t even talk to him because he has scammed his own family members! His intelligent commentary on various investment schemes concerning a host of business ventures (all apparently fictitious) along with his remarkable honest-seeming personality somehow convinced me to invest hard-earned money with him. Sadly, the funds that my partner and I lost – to the tune of $250,000 – were slated to go to our 6-month-old boy’s future college fund.I am a teacher, and my partner is a nurse. We work hard for our money and continue to work in “helping professions,” which do not typically pay high salaries. The monetary impact of this has been both traumatic and acutely painful.We have sought legal counsel. But at a minimum of $300 to $600 an hour and explanations that are admittedly hard to understand for those of us not versed in legalese, we don’t see hiring counsel (and giving out more money) as a viable solution.Yet, we know that justice must be served. And that even if we don’t recover our money, this man must be stopped. I simply cannot go on thinking that he is now actively at work, defrauding countless other people in the Aspen area.I am sorry that this unwell individual has made his appearance in your pristine state! Please help in your capacity to stop this man, who treats the legal system as a game and a mockery.Amanda SternBeverly Hills, Calif.

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