Chariot of ire |

Chariot of ire

Dear Editor:

To the person who stole our chariot bike trailer/jog stroller: Did you tell your kids you stole the trailer before or after you took them for a ride? It is not too late to change your ways. Please return it!

To the Roaring Fork Valley community: If you see a double chariot bike trailer/jog stroller, it is red, blue and gray, has a hand break (most do not have this). The jog stroller attachment was in the storage compartment, and there was also an infant sling attached. It was in used condition, not sparkling new.

If anyone has seen anything unusual with someone recently getting one similar to what is described, please call us at (970) 319-6517. It was taken from Conundrum Creek Road. A reward is offered for its safe return.

Claire Eads


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