Charge to be dismissed if club remains violation-free |

Charge to be dismissed if club remains violation-free

Staff report

A charge of serving patrons after 2 a.m. lodged against a local nightclub during Winter X Games will be dismissed if the club remains violation-free for the next six months.

That was the ruling Wednesday by Aspen Municipal Judge Brooke Peterson, who also fined the Bootsy Bellows nightclub $180, according to court records.

Bootsy owner Andrew Sandler was initially cited for the violation, though Bootsy Bellows was substituted for his name in the court record Wednesday, according to records.

The violation occurred early Sunday morning Jan. 29, when an Aspen police sergeant stopped by the club because he knew it would be busy, according to a police report.

The sergeant waited at the club until after 2 a.m., when he took pictures of people who continued drinking after the state law-mandated bar cut-off time.

Sandler disputed the citation at the time, telling the sergeant that a technical problem with the computer system that processed payments slowed down the closing process that night, according to the police report.