Character assassination |

Character assassination

Dear Editor:It is a sad day when a man like Gen. Patraeus is belittled and demeaned by spineless, greedy political hacks who are suppose to be elected servants of the American people. I knew the hearings would be heated with both sides trying to inject their opinions and points. I was not even surprised at some of the usual suspects who have always shown their disdain and contempt for the U.S. military. What I witnessed today was nothing more than an attempt to assassinate the character of an honorable man who serves his country well. No matter how we feel about the Iraq war, these men are national treasures and should be treated as such. They have volunteered their lives and their careers to the service of our country. If I hear one more politician comment how they admire Gen. Patraeus and then go on to question his character and imply he is a liar, I think I will vomit.I am tired of these political hacks hoping for defeat in order to gain political points. They do so at the detriment of our soldiers, civilian commanders and the American people. We have become a nation of soft, spineless crybabies who have no clue about sacrifice. We cant stand any pain and we are so afraid of critics abroad.We would do well to remember the old saying be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.James MorganSnowmass Village and Atlanta