Chapin-rific |


Dear Editor:I just wanted to let the citizens of Eagle County know what a great candidate for Eagle County assessor you have with Mark Chapin. I have known Mark through the assessment business for over 25 years. Mark has made the effort in his appraisal career to become not only an excellent appraiser, but an administrator. As assessor, Mark will work very hard for the community to ensure equitable assessments and open communication.2007 is a reappraisal year (a statutory requirement of all Colorado county assessors) and you can be very confident that Mark will assist and direct the staff in a successful and timely reappraisal. He brings that high energy and great experience from serving your community as chief appraiser and deputy assessor in the Eagle County Assessors’ Office from 1991 until 2004. Mark has been actively involved in numerous reappraisals in his tenure.I know Mark to be an honest and caring individual with an administrative and appraisal background that would make your community proud. Vote for a great future with Mark Chapin as your next Eagle County assessor.Denise SteiskalBreckenridge

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