Changes made in Basalt fitness industry with one merger and one sale |

Changes made in Basalt fitness industry with one merger and one sale

Lead TAC trainer Jennifer Mendez (left) provides a Functional Movement Screen to owner Amanda Wagner in TAC Fitness Gym.
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There have been a couple of changes in the midvalley fitness industry this winter, with one fitness center preparing to merge with another this month and a gym recently changing hands.

TAC Fitness in Basalt is in the process of merging with Burn Fitness Studio, according to Amanda Wagner, president and CEO of TAC Fitness. All of Burn’s programs and classes are transferring April 17 from the Burn Fitness Studio in downtown Basalt to TAC Fitness’ site at the Midvalley Health Institute, across the parking lot from the Midvalley Medical Clinic.

Wagner said the instructors who teach at Burn will start teaching at TAC, which stands for The Aspen Clinic.

Burn Fitness Studio owner Denise Latousek was unable to renew her lease at the downtown site. Wagner said she felt Burn’s classes are a good fit with what TAC Fitness already offers. She will be adding popular classes such as body pump and barre. TAC will offer about 50 classes between its existing offerings and the additions from Burn.

“We love being a part of developing a whole mind-body approach to fitness. We are much more than a gym.” — Amanda Wagner, TAC Fitness

“The addition of Burn means there is something for everyone,” Wagner said in a statement, “and being a part of TAC is the perfect addition to your health and wellness repertoire of activities.”

The fitness center offers a variety of services revolving around health and fitness. Wagner and her staff work with businesses to help identify needs of their employees and programs to address them. They offer nutrition counseling and health coaching along with equipment for individual workouts and classes.

“We love being a part of developing a whole mind-body approach to fitness. We are much more than a gym,” Wagner said.

Latousek will play a behind-the-scenes role by helping TAC create a schedule for classes, drawing on her experience of what worked with her customers, according to Wagner. Latousek said in a statement that the cornerstone of the business is building lasting relationships that ensures a successful health regimen.

“And this merger with TAC will ensure our clients can continue their favorite programs and amazing instructors,” she said.

Wagner said the Burn memberships will transfer to TAC and all the services that TAC offers will be available to the transferring members. Likewise, TAC members will have access to the classes coming from Burn.

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In another development in the midvalley fitness industry, the founder of another midvalley fitness center has returned after 11 years and three ownerships in between.

Steve Reynolds opened a gym at 82 Duroux Lane in the Midvalley Business Center near Valley Lumber in 1995 with his wife, Virginia. They sold it in the mid-2000s. The gym has operated under slightly different names through the various ownership groups. The Reynolds reacquired the gym in November, when they purchased Basalt Fitness from Jacque Whitsitt.

Steve Reynolds said he and Virginia had sold their gym in Glenwood Springs in 2012. He was doing personal training but wanted to return to operating a gym. He took the opportunity when he heard Whitsitt had the gym on the market.

Reynolds has rebranded the business as The Gym of Basalt but said he doesn’t plan any drastic changes.

“It’s got a lot of good energy,” he said.

He will soon add some body pump-type classes and he plans to methodically upgrade equipment. He also plans to add more personal training and health coaching.

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