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Change the tardy policy

Dear Editor:

We are a group of students in Basalt High School working on our FAD (Fundamental of American Democracy) project. Our teacher has informed us that we need to choose a problem going on in our community or going on in our school.

My group decided to get a problem related to the school, since we have noticed that a lot of schools are going through many problems, and the problem that we chose was the tardy policy. This problem has been going on in a lot of schools, where students are being constantly late to school and interrupting classrooms.

In Basalt High School our policy is that every time a student is late they get a detention and must walk to the office to get a tardy slip. Many students and teachers in the school disagree with this new tardy policy because for teachers in the same situation they still get interrupted in the classroom and students get in their classes later since they must go to the office to get a tardy slip. Students sometimes may really have a good reason in why they are late, or maybe it’s just the first time they are really late and they automatically get a detention.

We strongly want this policy to be changed; we know that tardy is a huge issue in the school, which doesn’t mean that the students wouldn’t get consequences. But students shouldn’t have detention the first three times they are late; those should just be warnings. If a student keeps coming late to school then that’s when the consequences start rising to where they start getting detention, often making the students be less late to school.

What we want to do is try to talk to the administrator and inform him about our current problem and how the tardy policy should be changed to something the teachers and the students will both agree to. This policy could be changed to have the teachers choose there own policy, or just to give warnings at first and if it keeps getting to be a problem then for them to start getting consequences. The administrator should make a new policy that fits what the teachers and students like; that is something hard to do but if we keep this tardy policy that we have then students will still come late to class. This is a problem that our school needs to solve and is also something that doesn’t involve money so it won’t affect our economic status.

Yanira Canas


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