Change not needed

Dear Editor:

“Change.” They want change. The vague campaign promises of most of the mayoral and City Council candidates seem more like a desire to revert to how we operated only two years back, before “Mick.” Reading between the lines it appears that they want to reinvent the way it was when we were obsessed with building monster homes, large buildings, infill at all costs, and developers’ pipe dreams ruled the council. Change?

Indeed, there has been a profound shift in the world economy, and many candidates, if I get their implication, believe that “pay more to build bigger,” backing down on the land-use codes and playing nice with developers is a solution to Aspen’s share of the economic problems. Change?

Most candidates are resistant to being more inclusive in marketing our Aspen “brand.” One candidate is touted in a letter to the editor as being a businessperson qualified to represent “world-caliber” Aspen values; forget the rest of us peons. Another believes the “brand” must be specifically targeted to attract our bread-and-butter, high-end tourists, but no balloon buyers allowed. Change?

Civility issues are big. Hmm, before “Mick” and just a few years back, people were shut down rather emphatically at council meetings … remember? In the past two years some of the public have chosen to resort to attack and occasional lies at City Council meetings. Mick and Jack have been accused of being “uncivil” when they stood their ground, called a spade a spade, or made a rational and courteous response or rebuttal. Back before “Mick and Jack,” civility meant condescendence to developers’ demands. Change?

Guarding and caring deeply for Aspen’s core values in spite of criticism and attack are Mick’s and Jack’s strengths. Vote: Mick for mayor, Jack for council.

Anne Byard



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