Change is good |

Change is good

Dear Editor:I think, in his recent letter to the editor, Mike Marolt is right about the middle school when he suggests it should be more like Harvard.Like Harvard we should value education above all. We should seek to be the best and always try and improve. We should acknowledge that the greatest investment a community can make in its future is its investment in the education of its youth. Like Harvard I agree that we should seek to compete for the best of the best teachers by providing them top pay and as close to ideal teaching circumstances as we can. I wish, like Harvard, we had the largest endowment in the galaxy for making every capital improvement desired. When you need a new building – build it. I also want to have access to all the latest educational and technological advances – just like Harvard.The Harvard of middle schools? OK, probably not; sounds good, though. Thanks Mike, good argument – I’m voting for the new middle school because I believe change isn’t necessarily bad and, in this case, is actually – gasp – good.Scott WriterOld Snowmass

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