Change is coming |

Change is coming

Dear Editor:

Oh we’ve got change now! Contrary to those who see the world through rose-colored glasses, Obama doesn’t “include” everyone or speak for everyone when he preaches like he’s at a revival in his ebonic vernacular and tone of voice to a predominantly “black” audience in Chicago or Detroit … and then the next day puts on his “Harvard-speak” to a predominately white, educated, professional audience in Washington, D.C., or abroad. If he is everyone’s messiah then why is the liberal media celebrating his “blackness”?

He is a chameleon who has become a most eloquent mouthpiece for the liberal left, socialists, and in general anyone else who has an ax to grind. He speaks for Soros, Pelosi and others who have feathered his nest ” don’t be fooled. Yeah ” we are in for a BIG change, probably more than anyone ever anticipated or bargained for. Now it is time to watch out for your own backside, as he will share his “peanut butter and jelly” sandwich … (oops! ” or was it YOUR “peanut butter and jelly” sandwich?) with all of the supposed oppressed in society (which means anyone who thinks that it’s easier to take handouts rather than earn a living).

If he really wanted CHANGE, he should direct his eloquence to all those folk who go out and procreate and then put their fatherless children in welfare programs ” or to Harvard, courtesy of the rest of society.

Scarlett Adams

Snowmass Village

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