Challengers goes for green in sheriff’s race |

Challengers goes for green in sheriff’s race

Aspen Times Staff
Artist Rick Magnuson and Anne-Marie Cales of Stanfield Fine Art admire Ronnie Morgan’s collection.

Candidate Rick Magnuson announced his intent to make the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office into “one of the greenest law enforcement agencies in the country.”

His goal is to change over the vehicle fleet to hybrids or biodiesel, increase energy efficiency, buy wind credits and build partnerships within the county and city.

“Green is now part of our community’s essence ” and the sheriff’s office is no exception,” Magnuson said in a prepared statement. “Green can be more than just the color of our uniforms.”

Currently, the sheriff’s department’s fleet consists mostly of SUVs. They average less than 16 miles per gallon. Magnuson suggested hybrid SUVs such as the Toyota Highlander or Ford Escape as a replacement. He claims the switch can be economical through fuel savings and sponsorship.

Magnuson expressed a desire to become the first all-renewable-energy sheriff’s office in the U.S. He would also require the use of high-efficiency lighting and office equipment, and the purchase of wind-generated electricity.

Magnuson said he will put out a news release each week on various issues such as communication with other law enforcement agencies, outreach, ramping up DUI arrests and modernizing the department.

Magnuson’s run for office has already created controversy. In challenging Bob Braudis, a five-term incumbent, Magnuson tracked him to a drug and alcohol treatment center in Sedona, Ariz. Magnuson left a message asking Braudis to call Rick Carroll of the Aspen Daily News about a legal matter.

“I did my own investigation to find out where he was. In hindsight, it wasn’t the best way to go about finding the truth,” said Magnuson, who also said he feels the motivation behind the call was correct. “I believe [Braudis’] policies are directly correlated to his personal lifestyle choices, and all voters should be concerned with that.”

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