Challenge our leadership |

Challenge our leadership

Dear Editor:I wrote the following letter to accompany my signature on a petition sent to me by I want to share this sentiment with my fellow community members, and ask that they do the most patriotic thing they could possibly do: Challenge those who are running amuck with our great country. Letter follows:Dear Representatives,I have signed many petitions in the last several years, each time expressing a strong sentiment, but never has my request been so resolute as at the present moment. We have seen countless scandals and misdeeds from this administration in the last six years. The time for it to stop is long past due. President Clinton had impeachment hearings over an affair. I dare say that taking our country to war under false pretenses, obstruction of justice, commuting the jail term of a man found guilty of a felony and flat out refusal to comply with a subpoena from the Senate is a list of wrongs that has far more reaching effects on the nation than an extramarital affair in the oval office.I insist in the strongest possible way that Congress immediately challenge the president’s decision to commute Libby’s sentence. Accountability is not an option. It is an absolutely uncompromising necessity. Demand that Cheney produce the subpoenaed documents. If he does not willingly hand them over, then go and get them, use force if necessary. If it is necessary to commence impeachment hearings to obtain the administration’s compliance with the law, then so be it. If Congress saw fit to challenge a president over a decision that primarily affected his private life, then I do not fathom how impeachment hearings have not already proceeded.Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. I feel pain on this day. I love my country so much, and the current administration has disgraced it time and time again. Please do what is right and put a stop to this appalling series of illegal events.Maureen JacksonBasalt

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